Hello interwebbers! This appears to be the very first time I’ve created a blog post. My purpose for doing this is to share with you the many different projects we have going on in our 1957 split-level home in the center of Kansas City. We moved in less than 2 weeks ago, and despite having two little ones running around, and boxes begging to be unpacked, there  were just a few things we had to accomplish first.

Let me preface the next part by telling you about our vision and thoughts on remodeling. I’ve always felt that the cycle of life should be a part of everyone’s home. Repurposing items (appliances, furniture, building supplies, fixtures, you-name-it) by incorporating them into a brand new and modern decorating scheme is one of the most satisfying aspects of designing rooms. Many of us buy existing houses and that  is, in a sense, repurposing. But even those who buy brand-new homes can also upgrade the layout and functionality of their spaces by repurposing.

Habitat ReStore is a non-profit operation that sells new and used building supplies to the public. They acquire their inventory by donations from  contractors, tradespeople, and homeowners. Much of their daily stock is as wide ranging as a Home Depot- except at 1/3 of the price. You never know what you’ll find- Italian marble tiles leftover from a high-end project, or a complete fireplace. Toilets, sinks, windows, and doors are always in stock.

I’ve come to love Habitat ReStore and the good things is does for our world. So when we moved into this house, we decided to make a pledge. We would make Habitat ReStore our main building supply warehouse for all of the rooms we upgraded. Using as much creativity as we could muster, and 3 local stores at our disposal, we’d blog about the process with lots of before and after photos. (And oh, this house may make it look easy because we’re dealing with endless 1950’s aesthetics, just fyi!) We’d also include the project budget and prices of things purchased at HR (Habitat ReStore). Let’s do this!